Profile | Giancarlo Mancino
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Who is Giancarlo?

Originally from Pignola, a small hill-top village at the centre of the Basilicata region in southern Italy, Giancarlo has spent his life working with the very best of the craft bar and restaurant industry, becoming one of the world’s most awarded and respected bartenders.

Giancarlo has literally travelled the globe progressing the world of cocktails with his own GiancarloBAR Ltd., Hong Kong based bar and beverage consultancy firm.
Giancarlo is the creator of Mancino Vermouth and Rinomato Aperitivo, together with Sprezza RTD. As well as the brand owner of Bocktailed, a tailored bottled cocktail company, and the creative mind behind Sei Bellissimi, a luxury sparkling bottled cocktail line.

He have also launched his own Glassware collection: “the Wormwood Collection” in collaboration with Italesse, and his Barware line in collaboration with Urban Bar.

Giancarlo is officially signed worldwide as Bar and Beverage consultant with the Rosewood Hotels and with Orange Hospitality.