Consultancy | Giancarlo Mancino
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Giancalrobar offers a comprehensive bar and beverage consultancy service, and is able to assist with all aspects of venue launch, development, training and supply. We have detailed below our services.


Carefully selected glassware for your tailored menu, comprising of contemporary and classic drinking vessels, a wide selection of spirits and liquors, themed beverage menus using fresh seasonal and local ingredients, reflecting the design, ambience and location of each individual outlet.


I can also advice on and arrange for a wide range of speciality spirits, rare and premium, from all over the world, (local regulations permitted), Cigars, humidification, storage, preparation and service along with menu design.


Running a successful and efficient Bar, one need to be situated at hands reach to the main utensils , equipment and base products, therefore I prefer to be in on the design of the Bar from start matching sure that all mentioned are strategically placed to ensure a smooth operation with out time wasting. Through my contacts I can help supply and source the necessary equipments required.


Your guest’s expectations and requirements are paramount to the longevity to your Bar/Restaurant. It is imperative that you stay in touch with the ever evolving beverage industry and be a cut above your competitors. I approach each guest as an individual, catering specially to their moods and tastes making them feel at ease and that the bar is theirs, absorting the guest in their experience, thus managing your Bar efficiently and more importantly becoming a profitable establishment that will keep your existing clients returning as well as induce new ones. After all every Bar;s goal is to drive revenue! Each Bar is different, but to be unique, you must be able to suite your surrounding and create your way own identity.


My creative approach, combined with years of knowledge and Global experience will always your standards to a higher level setting training programs of interactive workbook theories and practical application sessions that will improve the skills, ethics, hygiene and mannerisms of your service team. I offer a close up teacher-student interaction with hands on coaching and regular examination and appraisals to inspire maximum confidence and individuality of your staff, building a platform of knowledge and equalization. My motivation and intense training will establish work relationships and enjoyment of learning.


The ups and downs, headaches and teaching problems of opining night, proor delivery and bad outcome can all be eliminated with my range of services and support in all areas, relieving the high pressures. Preparation of teams and outlets from start of project to operational status for soft opening, with rigorous simulations, all aiming to reach delivery to date by providing the necessary tools to develop a uniformed, well propped and confident team. My hands on support and presence leading up to the big day will encourage the beverage team to perform to the high standards expected from high end establishments thus ensuring a smooth operating system to your function from start to finish, leaving your guests with an unparalleled arrival and departing with perfect memories of their unique experiences, unrivalled by any other.


Barista customer interaction, techniques to extract the “perfect espresso shot”, how to sell mainly espresso based drinks “Secrets” of espresso marketing, perfect milk frothing techniques for the right texture and taste, hands on training-preparing all the menu drinks-hot and iced, hands on training for smoothes and mochaccinos, frappeccino, advice you on all the right equipment. Keeping in with the trend of offering tea advice to guests. Training and etichette of tea service including traditional English afternoon tea preparation.


The perfect way to serve and suggest wine for the bar, from the classics to the new world wines with combinations to the right food, selection of cheeses, the correct glassware, training and etiquette of the wines service, and the needed equipment.